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Due to the water pump being original, it was "time-lifed" and replaced before it had a chance to fail and cause the engine to overheat.  The replacement was a four-bolt type from Special T Auto.  By using a four-bolt configuration as opposed to a press on pulley, it allows me to easily find a replacement pump from local retailers and reuse my existing pulley without the need for a hydraulic press, should the pump ever need replacement again.


Part Description Purchase Source Price
Water Pump Special T Auto 189.95
Y-Pipe Bolt Kit Special T Auto 3.95
Water Pump Back Bolts Special T Auto 5.95
Head Coolant Flange Bolts Special T Auto 1.80
Water Pump Bolts Special T Auto 2.50
Thermo-Time Switch Special T Auto 29.95

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Intake Manifold Removed