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Fuel tank was opened, drained and thoroughly cleaned with acentone to rid of any contamination and varnish. A new fuel pump was installed with a new fuel pump boot and cover. The old fuel baffle was removed and replaced with a new version made from a tuna can. The fuel filter pad in the tank was replaced as well as the main fuel filter on the frame. Once the intake manifold was removed all six fuel injector seals were replaced to rid of any vacuum leaks. The fuel accumulator was also replaced in an attempt to solve the "Hot Start" issue. After installation the system seems to be holding pressure, where as before it wasn't. However it will occasionally require excessive cranking to start the engine, later found this was due to a faulty Thermo-Time Switch.


Part Description Purchase Source Price
Fuel Accumulator Special T Auto 99.95
Fuel Pump Special T Auto 124.95
Fuel System Copper Washer Kit Special T Auto 12.95
In-Tank Fuel Filter Special T Auto 9.95
Dome Nut Special T Auto 3.95
Fuel Pump Boot Special T Auto 54.50
Fuel Pump Cover Special T Auto 29.75
Injector Seals (6) Special T Auto 17.10
Fuel Filter Special T Auto 19.95

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Broken Fuel Sender Unit