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Due to the lack of maintenance the car has received thus far I decided it would wise to update the entire ignition system.  The ignition coil had already failed on me the first day that I bought the car, so that was the first item to replace.  From there I removed the intake manifold to clean and replace the distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and wires.  The coil I decided to install was a higher voltage (18,000 V compared to the stock 15,000 V).  This forced me to use a higher resistance compensating resistor.  While installing the intake manifold back onto the engine I also cracked the side of the new distributor cap, so a new one was purchased locally.


Part Description Purchase Source Price
18,000 Volt Bosch Coil Special T Auto 29.95
1.8 Ohm Resistor Special T Auto 29.95
Bosch Ignition Update Kit Special T Auto 84.95
Distributor Cap Advance Auto 20.00
Stock Air Filter Special T Auto 9.95

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New Ignition Coil (18,000 Volt)