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Due to original coolant hoses (24 Years old) all coolant hoses were replaced, excluding the straight connectors from the aluminum pipes. An automatic air bleeder was also installed to rid of any air in the cooling system. The thermostat was also replaced with a new seal installed in the housing. Cooling system was drained and flush thoroughly and refilled with a 50/50 mixture of anti-freeze and water.


The original cooling hoses that connect the straight aluminum pipes together under the car were replaced, as they were not done with the rest of the cooling hoses last summer.  While the aluminum pipes were loose they were painted with aluminum engine paint to restore their finish.


Part Description Purchase Source Price
Water Pump Hose (Drivers Side) Special T Auto 22.95
Water Pump Hose (Passenger Side) Special T Auto 19.95
Hose To Expansion Tank Special T Auto 12.95
Automatic Air Bleeder DPNW 24.95
Silicone Water Pump Hoses Special T Auto 16.95
Water Pump Rear Gasket Special T Auto 2.00
Thermostat Special T Auto 16.95
Thermostat Gasket Advance Auto 3.00
Gallon Anti-Freeze (2) Bond Auto 21.14
Otterstat Switch Special T Auto 19.95
Radiator Flush Advance Auto 5.00
Cooling Hoses Special T Auto 59.95
Expansion Tank Cap Special T Auto 16.95