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Due to the age of the headliner material it had begun to separate from the backing boards and sag. The process involved removing the headliner boards from the car, removing the headliner cloth and cleaning the back boards. Since the headliner material is constructed with a foam backing, it was a mess to remove as the foam had turned to a "goo" substance. Once the loose particles were removed, an orbital sander was used to clean the old epoxy glue from the back boards. The boards need to be very clean for the new material to adhere correctly. The original plan was to do this entire job myself, as everyone that has done it says it was much easier than anticipated. However, after talking with the upholstery shop that was supplying the material, I was talked into letting him glue down the material to the boards. Maybe I'm a sucker, but this is not something I want to have to do again (for a while at least) so I want to be sure it is done right. Given that I had already removed the boards from the car, cleaned them to bare fiber board, and said I would reinstall them into the car, the cost of labor dropped to only $50, which wasn't bad.

This project has been compete for some time, but I have yet to take some final pictures. :-(


Part Description Purchase Source Price
Headliner Material Rick's Seat and Top Shop, VT $50
Labor to glue material to boards Rick's Seat and Top Shop, VT $50
3M Super 90 Spray Adhesive Advance Auto 14.88

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Tee Headliner Backboard Cleaned